My re-write of The Last Jedi




I was so disappointed with The Last Jedi, and so disappointed with flaws in the script (review here) that I decided to rewrite the movie myself (in broad strokes, not an actual script).

I don’t believe my version is particularly compelling or innovative.  However, I’m confident that it avoids the disastrous pitfalls of The Last Jedi script; most literate Star Wars fans could improve upon the existing script in thirty minutes.

Part One – Luke Meets Rey

Rey hands Luke the lightsaber. He grins and says “An elegant weapon… for a more civilized age.”  He removes the Kyber crystal from the saber (the power source), and gives it to her.  “You’ll need this to make your own”.

Rey and Luke tour the island’s monuments and libraries.  They stay in beyond-ancient Jedi lodgings.  Luke explains that he started to question his own understanding of the force, as his brief and shallow training with Obi-Wan and Yoda had only scratched the surface of the tradition.  He wanted to deepen his knowledge of the Jedi and the force, and share it with a new generation.  To this end, he started a school of researchers/practitioners, including his nephew Kylo.

Part Two – Luke Fails to Train Kylo

As in all political or religious movements, different interpretations and factions developed quickly within Luke’s school.  Though he is not involved with the school, Snoke tries to lure away students to his vision of the future and the force’s place within it.  Snoke points out the weaknesses of the Jedi Council’s pacifist approach, how they failed to defend themselves or the galaxy against Anakin Skywalker, who was clearly more capable and powerful.

Eventually Kylo decides to join Snoke’s group, the Knights of Ren, and takes his identity as Kylo.  Kylo feels torn about this decision, as does Luke.  Snoke destroys Luke’s Jedi temple, but he tricks Luke into thinking Kylo did it.

Part Three – Luke Trains Rey

A native islander (not a frog-nun) can read/translate the Jedi documents.  He is not a Jedi, but he helps instruct Rey.  The native and Luke describes early depictions of the force, its powers, and a few major philosophical developments (no midichlorians).  Luke provides training on flying, lightsaber construction and use, blasters, jedi mind tricks, jedi-to-jedi thought communication, survival.  Rey tends a garden on the island, and even becomes able to speed the growth and production of plants with force powers.  This montage of various lifeforms and death/birth from the original film is included here.

Rey begins force conversations with Kylo, similar to those in the original film.

Part Four – Leia Dies

In an effort to draw Luke and Rey out, Snoke commands General Hux to put all First Order resources toward killing Leia.   Luke senses a threat to his sister, and contacts here via the force for the first time since Kylo joined Snoke.  He apologizes, they mourn Han, they discuss the future.

The slaughter of his mother turns Kylo against Snoke, and brings Luke and Rey to fight.

Part Five – The Throne Room

This is essentially the same masterful throne room scene from the original (in many respects the best battle in any Star Wars movie).  Snoke, Kylo, and the Red Guards are set to fight Luke and Rey, but, to Snoke’s surprise, Kylo changes sides.

Part Six – The Truth about Rey’s Parents

After Snoke is killed, General Hux makes a power grab.  Members of the First Order are unsure about who will take command, loyalty and fear of retribution if they back the wrong leader weigh heavily.  Kylo isn’t particularly concerned with the First Order, following the death of his mother, his sense of betrayal by Luke and Snoke, and his attraction to Rey.

Kylo leverages his influence among First Order members to help Rey find out about her family’s fate.  They scan the massive archives of the First Order across the galaxy and eventually find records.  There’s definitive proof were just drunks/addicts who sold her into slavery and were later imprisoned or died.

After the discovery, Rey feels totally abandoned, and betrayed by Luke, who had encouraged her that she would find her family (“from a certain point of view”, like Obi-Wan).  Kylo comforts her, they sleep together.

Part Seven – Finn and Rey Reunion

The rebels get back together.  The rebels have taken huge damages and lost their leadership, but feel hope due to the possibility of a civil war among First Order factions.  Luke hopes to replace his sister as a leader.

Rey is totally conflicted, but returns to the rebel site to see Finn, who was been in a bacta tank for the whole movie recovering from his Force Awakens injuries.  Rey and Finn kiss.



One thought on “My re-write of The Last Jedi

  1. Please consider sending this post to Stephen, or whoever he sold-out to.

    In Part Three, reconsider gender of native islander (not a frog-nun). Nothing would change between this character and Rey or Luke. The only difference would be he is a she.

    Your post open is hilarious.



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