Devil’s Bargain by Joshua Green, 2017

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Summary: An extended profile of Steve Bannon, his emergence as a political dealer, and his role in the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

A quick and interesting read. Bannon is a very colorful character, and does lead an interesting life.  He’s served in the armed forces, worked for Goldman Sachs, produced films, and lead an outsider candidate to the presidency. Perhaps his most hilarious project was hiring Chinese gamers to mine gold in Minecraft and sell it for real currency over the Internet.

This book doesn’t really act as a manifesto for Bannon; I don’t understand exactly what his core beliefs are after reading the book. He’s concerned about immigration, he’s concerned about Western/Christian values declining, and is concerned that the Republican establishment is rather inept and don’t actually hold many beliefs.

Tactically, Bannon uses what others would consider straight trolling to organize and message.  Of course it’s extremely difficult to determine what swung an election, but Bannon’s approach gets a lot of credit in this book, all the while portraying him as rather zany.

Maybe the most interesting aspect is how Bannon leverage the Internet during the campaign. Obama was ready did to have used Internet driven analytics to drive his campaign; Bannon seems to have gone directly at voters through the web, especially those who visit sites populated by rather small, but agitated groups.

Ideas per Page:2/10 low

Related Books: ?

Recommend to Others:  if you like or hate the guy, yes

Reread Personally:   no

1 A measure of the number of new or distinct ideas introduced per page. 10/10 would be conceptually dense, like a textbook. 1/10 would be almost completely fluff.





2 thoughts on “Devil’s Bargain by Joshua Green, 2017

  1. This was an interesting review to read, with a lot of different points. One thing that jumped out to me was ‘…he’s concerned about Western/Christian values declining…” what values would those be exactly? Thanks for the review!


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