Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, 2010

eating-animalsAmazon Link

Foer makes an argument that people should not eat animals, because it is unethical to kill them when it is not necessary, it is unethical to make them live lives so full of suffering, and it is unethical to cause significant environmental damage in order to raise animals on such a large scale.

The book’s arguments are quite convincing—the death and suffering of animals for our diets is hard to justify.  The effects on the environment are important, and many creatures who are not even consumed by humans are hurt by the farming or harvesting.  This is especially true of seafood, where “bycatch”—the unwanted species that end up on hooks or in nets—can make up a gigantic portion of the daily haul.

I’ve reduced my meat and seafood intake as a result of reading this book.

Ideas per Page:1 4/10 (lower)  there are many facts included in the book, but they all support the thesis, and don’t bring in many perspectives aside from an environmentalist and utilitarian perspective.

Related Books: The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Recommend to Others: Only if you are thinking about the topic

Reread Personally:   No

1 A measure of the number of new or distinct ideas introduced per page. 10/10 would be conceptually dense, like a textbook. 1/10 would be almost completely fluff.


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