Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day

roseParents are those who will care no matter what; will cart away the excrement; risk getting it on their hands and clothing; suffer being shat upon.

-William Ian Miller, The Anatomy of Disgust, 133

I should be able to save, and even to return something of the money which you have lavished on my life for twenty-seven years.  As for the other intangible and incalculable things you have given me, I can only repay these by leading a fairly happy and useful life, keeping in touch with you, and seeing you when I can.

-Oliver Sacks, excerpt from a letter to his parents, On The Move, 54

Thanks mom and dad–don’t expect a check any time soon.


One thought on “Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day

  1. You are welcome! And, I don’t expect a check any time soon, or ever. It was, and is, my pleasure.
    PS Here is a poem I wrote twelve years ago. It speaks of the mundane sacredness of motherhood.

    What I Do

    I fill the peppershaker,
    boil the pasta too,
    transportation, restoration,
    nurse them through the flu.

    I fill the peppershaker,
    stir the juice I do,
    fold the sheets, secure the pleats,
    tell them, “I love you.”

    I hold their hand,
    wade through quicksand,
    let them be accountable
    for what they do.

    I second guess.
    I do my best.
    I fill the peppershaker,
    and God’s heart too.

    -dtm 2004

    PSS Here is a poem I wrote this afternoon, in honor of young mothers in the trenches today.

    Every mother
    is ordained,

    every child

    In the midst of
    poop and spit up,

    exhausted saints
    aren’t hard to find.

    -DTM 2016


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