Inadvertent Imitation

‘If it’s just inadvertent imitation

A pattern in all mankind

What’s got the whole world fakin’?

 -Stone Gossard, Mankind

Criticisms of cultural appropriation are overstated. First, cultural appropriation can’t be separated from culture in general. Second, it occurs unintentionally and without conscious planning. Third, there are no strict boundaries between cultures allowing us to determine who is creating and who is doing the appropriating.

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questionsHave you ever had the chance to meet with a professor, colleague, writer, or even an older family member and did not know what to say or ask? A person with so much knowledge, and you resort to talking about the weather.

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Blogging: A Risk Assessment

balance“Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is counted wise.”

-Proverbs 17:28, World English Bible

 “We thus end up talking about “unimportant but discussable” matters and telling trivial stories essentially designed to cover up untold ones.”

-Eviatar Zerubavel, The Elephant in the Room: Silence and Denial in Everyday Life, 84

We enjoy discussing ideas, thoughts, and life—often in a sauna, and occasionally at the side of a pool. Unfortunately, these discussions can’t continue in person, due a series of moves, so we decided to start a blog. Our opening post discusses the decision to withhold our names (at least for now).

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